Data Center & Physical Security

Work place security
Benify’s offices are each protected by access controls, as well as security alarms and fire alarms. Security at Benify’s physical locations are managed according to Benify’s Physical security policy and Workplace security policy.

Data center
Benify’s data centers have a high physical security which include security controls such as;
• strict physical access control
• access logs
• dedicated- and locked server cabinets
• security alarms
• fire detection and prevention controls
• climate control systems and alarms
• emergency power
• uninterrupted power supply (ups)
• lightning protection
• redundant networks
• video surveillance, CCTV

Geo redundancy
Data centers are separated across various physical locations in order to achieve geo-redundancy. Our primary data centers process and store production data. Our secondary data center functions as an information backup and recovery site.

Data center compliance
ISO27001 compliance and/or ISAE assurance reports.